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You are welcome

Post by Admin on Thu Jul 20, 2017 12:12 pm

You are all welcome to tbcrevolution, a forum dedicated at growing the billion coin community in our own little way.
This forum is out to be a community of people the is having one mind to grow the tbc family.
Growing the tbc family is not a thing for the tbc admin alone, it is a thing for all the members of tbc to rise up to think of what they can do to bring in new members since we know that that value of tbc is predicated on people

Tbc is not just another crypto currency, but it a revolution of the poor masses of the people who have come together to wrestle the financial position from the elites who has hold unto wealth over the years.

Tbc has created a platform for us to grab wealth from the elites. we need to utilize this opportunity effectively. they may be no better opportunity than this in our fife time.

Once again you are all welcome on board.


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